17 R3, system freeze on when on AC power

On my 17R3 laptop, I am seeing frequent system freezes, and I am curious if anyone has seen similar on this platform.  By freeze, I mean that the entire system is non-responsive, but no BSOD or Windows event seems to be generated.  I don't need to be playing any game or doing anything particularly taxing to the system in order for this to occur.  This only seems to occur when I have the laptop plugged in with the power adapter (the original one).  On battery, there are no issues.  This issue is fairly recent, roughly within the last 6 months, but seems to be getting worse i.e. more frequent.

I am all caught up on driver and BIOS updates with the latest Windows 10 "slow ring" release.  Anyone have thoughts on what might narrow things down?  Could the AC adapter not be delivering enough current?  Did I just get unlucky and have some part which has failed and simply need to have things replaced?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: 17R3 - System Freeze on when on AC power

Anyway possible you could try another AC adapter to see if the problem still occurred? Does the adapter feel real hot? Also check the status of the AC adapter in the BIOS.

1. Power off system. 

2. Power on system, quickly start tapping the F2 key continuously until you see the BIOS setup.

In the BIOS, status of the AC adapter should be listed under Battery Information or the Advanced tab. The adapter should it's type, if it says None or Unknown then it's most likely faulty, and needs to be replace.

Note: Please wiggle the adapter's end (charging port) while checking it in the BIOS.

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Re: 17R3 - System Freeze on when on AC power

I'm also having this problem. If I unplug the AC adapter and then plug it back in, it unfreezes. I haven't found a solution yet.

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Re: 17R3 - System Freeze on when on AC power

Hi @yet1moreed


If the system is still under warranty send me a PM with the Service Tag so I can review your case, if not, you can always contact our out of warranty department for more options.


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