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17 R3, terrible battery and support

We purchased the Alienware 17 R3 Laptop. This was one of the most expensive laptops. It was supposed to be a very high end laptop. Yet we continued to have various problems with the system. We even purchased the elite premium support that the sales person had told us no hassles and covers everything including accidental damages. Well NOT the battery. The laptop is an enormous size laptop. Why did Dell feel it was a great idea to design the laptop where the battery is buried in the system. You have to remove your hard drive, M.2 Chip, many screws on back as well as remove cables. Then you flip it over and pry top part of chassis off which includes the keyboard. Then more screws and ribbon cable removal, etc. Where all other laptops of this size that we have seen has quick battery release slides, buttons, or other quick release locks. OK, now on to the process. Dell says you call them up, then a sales rep will call you within 24-40 (or was it 48) hours later. Of course I told them Dell won't call within that time period. I escalated etc. Week later, still no call back. Multiple calls, multiple emails. One of their responses from a manager:

Thank you for your email contact! 

My name is Carlos I am a manager from Alienware Tech Support and your case was brought up to my  attention since we haven't been able to resolve your case in a timely manner.  I would like to offer my deepest apologies for the downtime and inconvenience and any misunderstanding on our end. Please confirm if you are willing to pay for the battery so we can have our sales team to get back to you and process this payment.  

Have a wonderful day,

Thank you for choosing Dell,

Carlos T.
Dell | Technical Support Manager


Carlos tells me I have to confirm to pay for a battery before I can a call telling me how much the battery cost or when I will receive. As well as installation & shipping costs. Not to mention what the lead time is. Oh did I forget to mention this is after several requests to have them call me. This is with their supervisor guaranteeing me that they would call within 24 hours (after 24 hours had already past from my initial request. 6 more days later still now call. I responded to Carlos T email. MAKING IT CLEAR I WAS PRETTY FRUSTRATED and THAT I WOULD LIKE HIM TO HAVE THEM CALL ME NOW SINCE I HAVE WAITED A WEEK ALREADY. So you can see Dell's processes are not here to serve its customers but to take more of our money and provide us with less quality products and even worst service. I post this because I want to make this perfectly clear: OUR ORGANIZATION AND ALL THE PEOPLE I CAN INFORM WILL NOT BE PURCHASING DELL PRODUCTS ANYMORE. This should have been an easy replacement. Yet Dell even their Premium Elite Support contract clients as well. Can't trust them to do the right thing. Their management has so many restrictions and idiotic processes in place that even managers can't get anything done correctly. By the way Dell, if I request multiple times your sales people to call us and you don't do it. Then we escalate requesting to have them call, then maybe you should have them call me instead of send me an email demanding me to agree to purchase your product before you even have them provide me the cost.

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Re: 17 R3, terrible battery and support


We are very sorry to hear about your experience. Click my name and send me your 17 R3 Service Tag number in a private message so we can review your case and get back to you.

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