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17 R4, AGA, won't select GTX 1070

Hello Everyone,

 I had my new I7 replaced at the beginning of the year with a refurb and have not been able to get my AGA to work properly since.  I have had 3 motherboard replacements and the last replacement was this morning. That seems to all ways be the go-to when I bring the issue up. My computer and the Commander center are both detecting the GPUS without faults and show no error codes.

  My i7 or the AGA are not talking properly. When I boot my i7 from shutdown with the AGA connected there are no issues, however, it's not auto selecting the (xGPU) like it used to before my unit got replaced. When I open my Command center it shows the (iGPU) on like it should be, then the (dGPU) on with the (xGPU) both at the same time.

The only way for me to get the system to work is to manually disable the (dGPU), but it does not always work with games finding the (xGPU) if I do it like that.   I have been back and forth with support a dozen time as stated earlier with the motherboard replacements.  It's the same no matter if I use an external monitor hooked up to the AGA or if I want to just play on my i7 screen.  As stated with the support we have made sure all drivers, software, etc.. are up to date as well.  I wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issue?

 What really bugs me is now is that they want to finally think about replacing the AGA, but it's out of warranty. I would think after the 1st motherboard swap that would have been the next step, but I guess not.  Let know if you guys and gals in the community have any thoughts or personal fixes you have come up with. Command center.PNGDevice manager.PNGmonerting.PNG

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Re: Graphics Amplifier won't select External GPU

Hello Snake19D, I just ran across your take on the AGA and it seems they may have been released way too soon.

i just received mine two days ago and got it to boot once and saw the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 TI one time, but not able to actually activate it.

Subsequent boots only show the usb hub of the AGA and nothing else; excepts the fans on XGPU do run... yippie $1300 fans. No LED lights, nothing.

internally I have the Nvidia 1070, which functions to a point, but as you mentioned, dell wants to replace my motherboard; the 17 R5 is only 4 months old.

I’m curious to know how you were able to get the control center to even show the AGA. I’ve been on line with support 14 hours a couple days ago, and 2 hours yesterday. The 14 hour session ended with the explanation that the 2080 TI was over clocked, therefore wouldn’t work. Nvidia called on that, assuring me that the “card wasn’t overclocked, and even if it were, it wouldn’t be an issue”.

like everyone else, i’ve updated every driver possible but no help. I would certainly appreciate any insight you could offer as to getting the control center to show the AGA.


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