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17 R5, AWCC v5.2.91.0 and no AlienFX v2.0 applications

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Our 17 R5 has preinstalled AlienFX hardware. Support for Alienware 17 R5 includes 31 July 2020 installer updates Alienware Command Center Application v5.2.91.0 and Alienware OC-Controls Application v1.3.0.1239. These have been installed with a) Upgrading Application and b) Download and install updates Now?, installing audio software. However, Dell code has still not been changed to force the installation of AlienFX v2.0 applications.

Why is @DELL-Cares not driving these AWCC code updates to ensure default is install all AlienFX v2.0 applications irrespective of AWCC's failure to detect these devices? 

Download and install updatesDownload and install updates 

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