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17 R5, hard drive failure

Hi Dell Community, well the HDD was slow and always at 100% even when I was doing nothing, turned off Superfetch too, still at 100%. Looks like the "Free" included 1TB Seagate HDD just kicked the bucket after about 6 Months.

It Blue-Screened, restarted said "No HDD Detected". Then I reset it myself, it did a DellSupport test and said HDD has Failed Error Code: 2000-0142

I was planning to upgrade the HDD myself possably to an SSD/Storage Drive combo, but now I have to ask a question.


Now I can no longer make a backup of the orignal HDD, is it possable to install say a Samsung 860 EVO SSD will windows still be active or would I have to buy another copy of Windows. Any help would be great thank you, otherwise I guess I will have to use my Warrenty and sent the laptop back for them to repair it.

Error Code: 2000-0142


EDIT: By some miricle the HDD started working again, making sure to backup my stuff now lol

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Re: Alienware 17 R5 Hard Drive Failure


Thanks for confirming this. Let us know if there is anything else that we can help you with. 

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