17 R5, location of Alienware FX color themes

I had to reinstall my AWCC and of course lost my FX colour lighting profiles!!!

So I did some digging around and finally found where these settings are stored. The only clue I found was that they are stored as a json file... so it was just a matter of editing a FX profile so that it then appears in a search for files "modified today only," and this is where they are stored:


IF there is a major difference in folder path name for you, just edit any FX colour profile and save it, then do a windows search, select your OS:disk\users folder (e.g. C:\users\bob\) , using this search term in the search box:

*.json datemodified:today  (meaning only search for .json files modified today)

In this folder you will find the following:

FXProfileMaster.json = This file lists all the profiles you've created and shows which one is "Active", all reference the associated .json file, that has the same GUID to match. So this is the master index and the other files are the actual profile saves.  To add files manually, you would need to create an entry in this file in the exact same way they are listed, SO you can import other peoples FX settings, but it currently needs a little editing in notepad to add them to the index file.

d28d5c52-5ae8-44b5-bfaf-8bbc14ab9976.json = An individual FX profle stored as a GUID + .json extension
Each profile has unique name(GUID) (them random letters/numbers) and those files are in this same folder...

The last FX profile I saved was this one d28d5c52-5ae8-44b5-bfaf-8bbc14ab9976 ... and there it is at the top of my FXProfileMaster.json file and there is the associated file: d28d5c52-5ae8-44b5-bfaf-8bbc14ab9976.json  in the same folder, with all the settings I made.

Finally - this location is also where your macros are stored, in this obviously named file: FXMacroRepository.json is where macros are stored.


So you can easily back up your profiles by copying this folder.

No more losing my profiles!
Hope this helps you!

PS* I know this is written as a bit of a dummys guide, not everyone knows how to use search strings or how to interpret guids etc so sorry if this is too simplified for you tech heads !

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Re: 17 R5, location of Alienware FX color themes

Thank you!

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Re: 17 R5, location of Alienware FX color themes

Does this save the macro data as well?

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Re: 17 R5, location of Alienware FX color themes

Hello @equipped2000 thank you for posting this thread. 

AWCC application installation persistently fails to install FX and 17 R5 is dark. FX .json file identity is all zeros and size 1 KB. (FX folder size 4 KB. The four files are all 1 KB) 





Is it possible to get a default FX colour lighting profile from somewhere and paste it into the FX folder and thereby prompt the AWCC application to install the AlienFX Lighting Manager, etc.?

Kind regards. 

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