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17 R5, no Nvidia control panel?

hi guys thanks for any help in advance and sorry for my bad english

first of all i want some help with my new alienware 17r5 that i bought 1 week ago

my system specs are :

intel core i7 8750h / 16 gb ram / nvidia gtx 1070 OC Non Maxq / 1tb hdd / 60hz non gsync panel

im very happy with my product and everything is working fine my games are running buttery smooth

but the only problem is there is no nvidia control panel wich is kinda wrong cause i want to edit my settings

i tried different solutions example: reinstall windows / updating and installing latest nvidia drivers from dell website / but nothing seems to work any help would be apreciated ,

note: i dont have optimus in my laptop and i cant access the intel graphics , 

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Re: 17 R5, no Nvidia control panel?

Hi @dukenukemrayne


Try this download:



Alienware Arena

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