17 r3 keyboard work intermittently

Hi in the same day i update to 1.4.4 bios and upgrade windows to 1803 version ,, so i cant say  Whose fault is it?

Letters in issue are q,1,r,6,7,j

I read lot of thread and i try unistall driver,downgrade to 1709 windows version,, reinstall windows 1803 build in place ,, cant downgrade bios cos is protected version..I activated letters filter and it seems   now i have less lag ....

any solution ? thanks 

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Re: 17 r3 keyboard work intermittently


Windows update 1803 version is not yet ready to be used with Alienware systems, this one has been blocked and Microsoft has informed they'll release a new update for this version at the end of this month so we are not recommending our customer to run that update. If it already went through and that's the only issue you have then you can try checking keyboard layouts as well as testing an external Keyboard to see if the problem happens on this one. You can also revert the update by running a Restore Point and wait for the next update. By the way what's the exact error with those keys failing?

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