2 computers sent to incorrect address no second replacement

I have Had trouble With Dell since i first placed my original order in 2016 for a Alienware 15 r2 they sent it to a address all the way in another state from me so i actually ended up getting a replacement guess what same thing happened the sent it to a wrong address once again now keep in mind the updated it and sent me a Alienware 15 r3 never received either laptop  the person i talked to from Dell customer service i believe his name was tye well i explained to him the laptop was delivered successfully but shipped to wrong address so he has the nerve to tell me he cant offer another replacement because he sent one out and i waited so long to contact them keep in mind i work for a government job so i'm normally always busy so he then tells me i should go all the way from new york where i live to go all the way to north carolina to the address he said he sent the computer to pick it up i just cant simply do that i would definitely like a explanation on why i just spent close to 1500 dollars on a laptop i have never had in my hands i would like to one be creidted are two have another system actually sent to my real correct address because i have been looking into getting a private investigator on this matter but i would rather not let it go that far so can someone please other than tye who has more authority over manager position please help me out 

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