AW 17 R5 - Issue with Speaker & Redeeming Forza Motorsport 7

Just received my Alienware 17 R5. However, I cannot redeem the Forza Motorsport 7 game.

Also, while playing videos, realized the speaker volume is very low. Lower than my 5 years old, 13", ultra slim HP laptop.

I'm excited since it's my first high-end Gaming laptop with 6-Core i7. But if you can't play games & if the speaker volume is so muffled, doesn't it defeat the purpose?

And why so many are experiencing similar issues? Where's the QC & where's a dedicated Alienware Support Team for such a premium product?

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Re: AW 17 R5 - Issue with Speaker & Redeeming Forza Moto

Hi @M-n-M,

Regarding Forza, you can send me this information on a private message so that I can escalate it directly with Microsoft:

- Alienware Service Tag
- Full name
- Telephone number
- Store App Version
- Impacted Microsoft Account
- Case number with Microsoft (if you contacted them)

Then, regarding sound, we would need to clarify what will be "very low"; this PC is not meant to be loud. It is meant to deliver quality sound, and outstanding sound via headphones since the majority of gamers prefer to go that route. BUT you can try by disabling audio enhancements and reinstalling drivers.



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