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Alienware 13 R2 Motherboard Failure

I have tried to get in contact with Dell/Alienware multiple times about this issue and how disappointing and faulty their laptops are.


I bought the Alienware 13 several years ago, and it worked perfect until literally 2 months after warranty expired where it would no longer turn on, nor even have the alienware logo for the power button turn on.

After going through all the troubleshooting, replacing the battery, resetting the bios, etc. etc. I searched multiple discussions and also called Dell and they told me it was a motherboard failure. 

Motherboards for Alienware are proprietary so you can just replace them easily. 

Used ones on ebay still go for 300-600$ dollars. Really? I'm gonna buy a used one just so it could fail again?

This is such a huge fault on Dell for not fixing it. I bought a 1300$ laptop, got 2 years out of it, now I have a 1300$ paper weight, unless I want to crank out another 300-600$ for a board that is just going to go bad again.

I was a huge fan of Alienware, I have a desktop X51, which has run flawless, so I bought the laptop hoping for the same quality and performance, which I got, until the warranty ran out.

I even recommended it to a friend, who also bought an Alienware 15, which also crapped out on the motherboard.

Sorry/Not Sorry Alienware but I am done with you. You should see your faults and rectify them for loyal customers who help spread your brand and spend a lot on your products. 


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