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Alienware 13-R3, Intel + Nvidia, freezes

Hi Dell 

I am an owner of an Alienware 13 R3

Alienware 13-R3 Laptop OLED Display Touch
Intel i7-7700HQ HD 630
512 SSD Samsung
Nvidia GTX 1060

There is a problem with the GPU, Intel HD and Nvidia drivers where the device will get stuck for 7,65 seconds always when working in the explorer. The problem covers a lot of brands and Intel had let us all know they finished by fixing there drivers and the problem is still active. It all started on 07/2017 almost one year now and there is still no fix or big investigation started. Here are all the links of proof about this problem. I found other posts on this forum that are related with this problem and they are almost all closed. 

Link to the microsoft thread 

Link to the Intel thread

Link to another thread here about this problem 

And a video of proof where you can see how hard this machine fails by just updating windows, Intel HD and Nvidia to the latest versions. What normal is for a gaming device. Please support this problem and help fixing this even if it is not Dell related it is still a Dell device.


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