Alienware 15 R3 Driver Packs

Does anyone know if Dell provides a "driver pack" for [Alienware 15 R3] laptops? They provide them for many "enterprise" SKUs [Latitudes, etc.], but I did not find any for Alienware devices on the Dell command / deploy web site, because they are likely not considered "enterprise" SKUs. I use the driver packs [.cab files] when deploying images to [enterprise] devices using MDT/WinPE and am not sure there is enough native Windows driver support [in the image] to avoid a BSOD on first boot [post-imaging] when drivers are "injected" into the OS. If the laptop doesn't "blue screen" I could download/install drivers manually from the Dell web site. Alternatively, has anyone created a "driver pack" manually or is that not necessary or worth the effort?


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