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Alienware 15 R3

I have an issue. When I go to boot up my caps lock flashes and the system beeps. Screen stays black. I have tried researching but there are a million different answers. Please help
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Re: Alienware 15 R3

How many beeps and do they repeat? And any lights flashing? And if so which ones and how many blinks and the colour?

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Re: Alienware 15 R3

Hi @Mikelegue,

How did the problem begin?

You can try a power drain and as per JOcean said, how many beeps?


Power and battery-status light/ hard-drive activity light: Indicates the battery-charge status or the hard-drive activity.

NOTE: Press Fn+H to toggle this light between power and battery-status light and hard-drive activity light.

Hard-drive activity light

Turns on when the computer reads from or writes to the hard drive.

Power and battery-status light

Indicates the power and battery-charge status.

Solid white – Power adapter is connected and the battery has more than 5 percent charge.

Amber – Computer is running on battery and the battery has less than 5 percent charge.


  • Power adapter is connected and the battery is fully charged.
  • Computer is running on battery and the battery has more than 5 percent charge.
  • Computer is in sleep state, hibernation, or turned off.

The power and battery-status light blinks amber along with beep codes indicating failures.

For example, the power and battery-status light blinks amber two times followed by a pause, and then blinks white three times followed by a pause. This 2,3 pattern continues until the computer is turned off indicating no memory or RAM is detected.

The following table shows different light patterns and what they indicate.

Light Pattern Problem description
2,1 CPU failure
2,2 System board: BIOS and ROM failure
2,3 No memory or RAM detected
2,4 Memory or RAM failure
2,5 Invalid memory installed
2,6 System board or chipset error
2,7 LCD failure
3,1 CMOS battery failure
3,2 PCI/video card failure
3,3 Recovery image not found
3,4 Recovery image found but invalid

The computer may emit a series of beeps during start-up if the errors or problems cannot be displayed. The repetitive beep codes help the user troubleshoot problems with the computer.

Camera status light: Indicates whether the camera is in use.

  • Solid white – Camera is in use.
  • Off – Camera is not in use.

Caps Lock status light: Indicates whether Caps Lock is enabled or disabled.

  • Solid white – Caps Lock enabled.
  • Off – Caps Lock disabled.
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