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Re: Alienware 15 R4 Command Center Bugs

Lol been using computers for so long now, didn'tnotice they changed my documents to just documents.

I actually cant get version DHRVN_WIN_5.2.0.0_A00 to install. Also i dont have the Alienware folder in ProgramData.

kinda lost now.  I'm pretty sure the profiles are being stored on a seperate chip. When you install the new AWCC the software flashes the chip.

Have Dell not given you any help?.

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Re: Alienware 15 R4 Command Center Bugs

Same Boat.

Alienware R4 15 Tried re-installing Command Center, and power button light was morphing. Option to change (morph, color, pulse etc) cannot be clicked, sort of stuck on "Color"" mode.

Option to change when plugged in and on battery (fully charged, charging sleep, low) missing.

Tried switching colors and it stopped morphing. Still can't change to other modes. I am on the latest command center from Dell's website (just re-installed). Please assist...can't be having software this buggy on a machine that costs this much.

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