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Alienware 15 r2 no 5 Ghz wifi

I haven't used my laptop for around a month and have opened it today and discovered, that laptop suddenly can't see 5 GHz WiFi networks for some reason.

I have tried to reboot, turning flight mode on and off. Nothing have helped, though. Then I have opened device manager and in networking section instead of  "Killer 1535" driver I have "dell wireless 1707(2.4 GHz)" driver and an Ethernet driver from Killer.

I have downloaded and install both "Communications_Driver_RJ21G_WN32_1.1.57.1245_A02", "Killer-Wireless-1435-1535-WiFi-Driver_DKJD5_WIN_1.5.1618_A08" and even a package from Killer website named "KillerDrivers_1.6.2166_x64", but nothing helped. I still have a "dell wireless 1707(2.4 GHz)" devices in device manager, and can not browse and connect to 5 GHz wifi networks. Killer control app can't find any compatible device to work with too.

I think, that maybe the reason for this is the latest Windows 10 update and it somehow **bleep** previously installed drivers. Can someone provide me with a solution for this?

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