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Alienware 15 r3 -- LCD failure (1,5 years old)


If you're reading this as well, i'm really bothered right now.

The laptop doesn't properly boot anymore while the Power indicator gives the signal for 'lcd failure'.

On many forums they suggest trying a CMOS reset which involves disconnecting the cmos battery. This however is a procedure which requires the opening of your laptop case and reaching the motherboard. 

Sadly this suggestion didn't fix the problem for me. So I tried calling technical support to see what other options there are.

This is where it got interesting. After telling the technical support I tried a CMOS reset, the Conversation almost inmediately turned hostile. The support assistant Irritatingly stated the warranty on my laptop is now inmediately void.

However on multiple occasions, in this Dell specific forum as well. They state that a CMOS reset does NOT void your warranty. Or the opening of your case for that matter. See attached screenshot.

After mentioning this to the support assistant, he stated in a hostile fashion  that this wasn't open for discussion. I have to pay, or get lost.

So after this call i'm turning to this forum in hope of getting a supportive response from one of the moderators here to see what else can be done.

Thanks for reading, and your support in advance!





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Re: Alienware 15 r3 -- LCD failure (1,5 years old)

Hi @FaabSmit,

Send me a PM with the Service Tag so I can review this.

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Re: Alienware 15 r3 -- LCD failure (1,5 years old)

Just want to note that this error just happened to my computer again, the second time in one year. I just opened another service request, and I have to pay for it myself this time, as I chose not to purchase an extended warranty. Weird thing is it boots sometimes and the LCD works perfectly. This makes me think its a Dell BIOS/software issue instead of a manufacturing/hardware defect. I'm seriously regretting my purchase of this machine, and at this point I'm slightly paranoid I'm being milked for money.

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