Alienware 15R3 w/1070 FPS Drops


I have been enjoying my Alienware 15R3 w/1070 since I got it this last March. But one thing that is very irritating is when playing Farcry 5 & COD WW2 the laptop just starts dropping frames left in right, at random, during gameplay.

Things to know:

1. I have tried just using the laptop itself, at native resolution (1080p 60hz gsync) as well as attached to my Dell U2718Q 4K monitor and the laptop drops frames regardless of resolution.

2. I have the games "optimized" by using GeForce Experience

3. I have tried reducing graphic quality to the lowest setting, still no difference.

4. I have updated all drivers/BIOS/Windows to the most recent setting. Currently using GeForce 397.64 drivers.

5. I have the laptop on a pretty beefy laptop cooler that has 5 fans blowing into the bottom side of the laptop. 

6. I have also just ran Heaven and recieved the following: 

06:15:06 Benchmark results:
06:15:06 Time:    260.637
06:15:06 Frames:    42503
06:15:06 FPS:    163.073
06:15:06 Min FPS:    9.47056
06:15:06 Max FPS:    294.614
06:15:06 Score:    4107.82

I really do enjoy my Alienware rig, but this is a severe issue that I need to see if there is a resolution for. I am running out of ideas, and hope someone can help.

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Re: Alienware 15R3 w/1070 FPS Drops


Send me your Service Tag in a PM, so we can look further into this. 

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Re: Alienware 15R3 w/1070 FPS Drops

Have you checked your temperatures at all? 

It sounds like the GPU or CPU might be thermal throttling which will cause your performance to drop.  


You can download and run a program called HWInfo and it will monitor your temps and you can see what the temps are on your machine.  

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Re: Alienware 15R3 w/1070 FPS Drops

Thank you for reminding me to post that info as well, I have been monitoring the temps with CAM while playing both games.

On average my CPU temps at their highest = 83* & GPU temps at highest = 70*.

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Re: Alienware 15R3 w/1070 FPS Drops

Try installing nvidia driver 391.35 from March 2018 and see if that works for you. 

I had had this issue and installing the above driver fixed it. 

Drivers 397.xx and 398.xx caused stutter for me  I’ve logged a case with Alienware  



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