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Alienware 15r2 bad bios update

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I was advised by Dell to update my Bios. I updated to version 1.4.4 which was recommended as the latest bios version for my machine on the Dell website. Since the update, the machine failed to restart properly. Specifically, it would boot to the log in screen for my account, then about 5 seconds after getting there, the machine would crash to blue screen "Your computer has run into a problem and needs to restart". This would cycle endlessly until I managed to boot into safe mode. At this point I ran a restore albeit keeping files on the machine. I also attempted to install an older version of bios, but this was not allowed.

The machine seemed to run ok for a few weeks, with a few odd crashes here and there. Then last night, after leaving my PC alone and on for an hour or so, I came back to see it yet again in a crash loop. This time, It would boot up, tell me windows was "installing updates 100%" then the screen would go black, it would wait for a few minutes then reboot

All my problems started after updating the bios. I notice another thread here saying they've had a bad bios update from Dell with their alienware 17r3s- has anyone with a 15r2 had the same or similar?

Can I roll back my bios or update to a more stable version?


**Edit having read more of the topic regards alienware 17r3 I see it also affects my pc. I'll go there for future info**

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