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Alienware 17 R3 + GA Sound Crackling

This problem has been present since the moment I hooked up my Graphics Amplifer a couple years ago. I've tried uninstalling / reinstalling graphics, audio, chipset drivers to no avail so I thought I would come here.

I have a Founders Edition GTX 1060 graphics card in the amplifier which is hooked up to an LG UltraWide (34UC79G) via a DisplayPort cable. The monitor has an audio out (headphone jack) which I have going to a pair of stereo speakers. Randomly, when the system is under any type of load (opening browser, application, etc.), the sound will start crackling, and performance will severely diminish (FPS seems to drop as well).

While not completely sure, I'm almost convinced is has to do with the graphics amplifier connection on the back of the laptop. I've been able to wiggle the connection and the performance issues seem to fluctuate (improve in some cases) when I do that. I've replaced the cable and that did not help so it could possibly be the port on the back of the laptop itself.

Any thoughts as to some other troubleshooting methods I could try?

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