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Alienware 17 R3 The most awful support

I bought a laptop in ukraine, in 2016 for a lot of money(3000$). At first everything was fine.

At the beginning, fans broke (strange sound). The support came - changed. Then the back cover melted. The support came - changed the cover, the battery, and the power cord. And almost at the end of the warranty period - on the matrix there is a stain. I'm calling in support (it's Russian, if that's what). They laugh at me, but after long conversations they agree to change the matrix. And ... they bring the usual TN matrix! On my protests that this is not the matrix, and the service engineer confirms this - the support starts to freeze. Return the old matrix and promise to figure it out. They delayed the term and when I call them to find out that the ticket with the matrix - I stupidly sent. Your warranty has expired. To my question that the ticket is not closed - they are making idiots of themselves. According to the warranty repair policy, this was the 3rd repair and I demanded a refund. Russian support only laughed and ignored me.

The result: 1) Support **bleep**.
2) For such money, the company just threw me
3) The new battery lasted half a year and died
4) The latest BIOS update does not let the laptop turn off. Rebooting the BIOS or rolling back to the old version does not help

I now will not buy Dell laptops and will not advise anyone. All my laptops were from this company, but I did not expect such a disregard for the customer.



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Re: Alienware 17 R3 The most awful support

Hi @FFNull,

We are sorry for the bad experience you have had with the system and with technical support.
Feel free to send me a private message with your service tag so I can review your case.

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Re: Alienware 17 R3 The most awful support


I just wanted to thank you for sharing - you are not alone. Dell won't even let my posted negative customer experience stay public. They keep removing it w/ no mod issuing a reason why to me. Guess I hit a nerve - truth hurts; get over it Dell, and try actually helping a customer vs. silencing a displeased one that's decided to share their customer service nightmare w/ the rest of the Dell user community.

In fact, I've been dealing w/ issues regarding my own Alienware 17 R3 - and have been w/o a laptop now for nearly a month. A month! Dell doesn't seem to care much (@ Premium Warranty Support customer care), and I just keep getting told I have to remain patient and wait for them to conclude their process. Shall I wait another month Dell?

Good luck on your next gaming rig laptop. As for me, I'm waiting to see what Dell does here for me. My expectations are about as low as they can get, and I'm thinking my future business will be w/ Republic Of Gaming laptops. It's just all an absolute shame that Dell has let this highly praised brand fall into the gutter. Ya know, Dell, it is possible to make your $$$$ AND provide a superior product ....if you but care to do so.

Thoroughly Disappointed w/ The Rest,

Update #1: Removed a paragraph that stated a post of mine was not approved to the forum boards. It has since posted w/o any further delay/issue/removal. 

Update #2: Added comments about being silenced - again.

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