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Alienware 17 randomly freezing

So, I have an Alienware 17 which I bought from a friend. He happened to update it to Windows 10, so I asked him if he could format it and re-install it with Windows 7 which he did, but there were still a ton of drivers missing when I got it.

Later on I wanted to try out a game, but for whatever reason it wasn't working on the laptop, even though the specs were more than fine to run it; so trying to troubleshooting at some point I upgraded to Windows 10 again, which still didn't help and went back to 7 which generated more problems with the laptop.

As of now, at random times my Alienware has some random Chrome and different games windows freeze whenever I have it connected to a second screen through HDMI. Sometimes it goes as bad as completely freezing the laptop, where if I try to move the mouse it stays in place, and have even got a couple blue screens out of that.

Couple more things to point out: since I got the laptop it has killed 2 batteries, which I assume could be blamed on the fact that I don't have its original power supply cord since my friend lost it, and gave me another one that fits and charges it, but my guess is it doesn't give the right voltage; because of this dead battery I am currently unable to run an update for the system bios, even though has to always be plugged.

Also, one of the main reasons to update my Alienware to Windows 10 was to try and fix an error code that its NVIDIA gives me (you can see it on the screenshot attached below). I think this could be the main problem and source of the freezes.

If anyone could help me with this whole issue I'd appreciate it greatly.



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