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Alienware 17R4 SSD upgrade

Im looking into upgrading the SSD that has my OS on it from a SanDisk 128GB SSD to something bigger. Ive read alot of articles on compatibility issues when cloning drives particularly with Samsung 256GB SSD's and similar. I was wondering if there are any suggestion on the matter. I don't wanna spend too much but i want something that won't fill up too fast either. Some apps,  games and programs only work or seem to work better on the OS drive and it's almost full.

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Re: Alienware 17R4 SSD upgrade

I've upgraded both of my drives (the small SSD and the HDD) to dual Samsung 960 Pro's without any issues (and a decent speed increase when loading large games and video recording / editing.


You can use Clonezilla (Free open Source) to image and restore your drives -- just note that you will need to manually rename the UNIX-style partition images for the restoration to be successful.  You will also need a reasonably large external USB drive to host the backups.


(it's simply a matter of changing "hdXXX to sdXXX"  nothing terribly complicated)

As always though, be smart -- backup your stuff before doing this.

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