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Alienware 17R4 display upgrade 60 to 120hz? Help

Hi my friends, first srry for my bad english.

Well the last year I get my new Alienware 17r4 (2016 model) with a gtx1070, love the laptopall the games run really good, but the problem its the display... with a GTX 1070 the TEARING its horrible.

My actual display its a 1080p 60hz,(no g-sync motherboard) the 1070 overkill that display, so i read a lot and some people  say its posible change the display for a 2k 120hz, some one says you need a **bleep** cable 30 to 40 pin or 40 to 30 dont remember.

Found a lot of displays on ebay for replacement, and the other day I ask to alienware team on the PAX of this year and say yes its posible.

So plx help me where I can found a good guide or all the information.... love my alienware 

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Re: Alienware 17R4 display upgrade 60 to 120hz? Help

I’m not sure if you can swap the display, but a 120 Hz display won’t really solve this problem. Tearing can occur whenever the GPU’s frame rate does not match the display, so if you got a 120 Hz display and your GPU ran above 120 FPS or even below 120 FPS, you might still see it — and with future games your GPU would have a hard time maintaining 120 FPS. G-Sync would of course be best, but if it’s not supported on that system, then just enable V-Sync in the NVIDIA Control Panel to force your GPU’s FPS to always match the display’s refresh rate. You save money and effort, and your GPU will have an easier time maintaining 60 FPS than 120 FPS.
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