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Alienware 18 (2013) freezes on start - some dialogs have no text or have invisible letters

I have an Alienware 18 2013 edition with AMD R290x card , 32GB ram , 500gb SSD (drive C) and 1Tb drive D

Last week on Saturday 10thMar2018 my pc started freezing. Cpu is normal, HDD have normal activity and Mem is normal. however clicking on anything just resulted in "Windows is not responding" and nothing short of a reboot brings it back. 

On reboot it works as long as Chrome is not opened. So of course I went into Safe mode and first removed  hardware acceleration. rebooted again. another freeze. went and removed all extensions. Rebooted and everything looked good. however next reboot. froze again. No extensions nothing.

Uninstalling Chrome works but i'm a developer and I need chrome.

The second issue is missing letters in dialogs, namely the letter L and I are invisible in some dialogs. for others like Clipx.exe (clipboard management program) nothing is visible at all.

I have Restored Windows 10 afresh (and lost all my programs) , installed the AMD drivers on the dell site which didnt help, then installed latest AMD drivers for my Radeon R290's but nothing works.

Is there anyone with suggestions on what next?  My current option seems to try do a full format and clean windows 10 installation which means another lost week.


Thanks for reading and your intention to assist.

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Re: Alienware 18 (2013) freezes on start - some dialogs have no text or have invisible letters


Sometimes these type of freezing problems can indicate a problem with the hard drive. Before doing another Windows clean installation, we recommend that you run a PSA/Diagnostic test to check the main hardware components, including the hard drive. Check out the video below for instructions on running this test. Let us know if you receive any errors. 



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