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Alienware 18 lights/AlienFX

I recently purchased an Alienware 18 from a friend who hadn't the manual, cd and these stuff anymore. Started formatting and erasing everything to have a "new" and clean machine. Everything is almost fine, except for the AlienFX. It isn't working... but the lights work... Here a summary of what happen: - Inside AlienFX app (Command Center), when open, it shows the message "The device you have selected is included in the current theme but AlienFX cannot detect this device on your system. Do you want to remove this device from the current theme?". I can change the themes, but the lights don't change. - Right clicking the icon in system tray, the option "Dim Lighting Zones" never is checked, no matter how many clicks I do. - AlienFX Tester shows: Board Information (No board detected); Current version: (empty); Upgrading to 2.03.00. When I click "Set LEDs RED", the error message "It seems there is some problem with the AlienFX board." is shown. Tried reinstall Command Center many times, updated the BIOS also, reinstalled all drivers, and nothing change. Can someone help?
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