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Alienware 18 won't Reload Windows 10 from System Image

Background:  First, sorry this is so lengthy.  I have a fully loaded Alienware 18 laptop.  It came with Windows 7 Ultimate but I upgraded to Windows 10 (from Internet, not disk) and had the creators edition installed along with several games (installed from Internet) and a lot of research.  At that time, I did not have a system image (my bad).  My extended warranty expires in December.  The initial problem:  the laptop was freezing after completing POST, e.g. it never got to the RAID storage firmware.  Problem resolved AFTER coming back from Dell depot and replacing the motherboard.

Dell Technical Support: After depot, it took over two weeks to reinstall everything. When I shipped my laptop out, it had RAID 0 installed, when it came back, RAID 0 was not installed but they tried to install RAID between the 1TB (drive D) and the 80GB (drive E).  Two weeks after getting the laptop back, I'm on the phone with Dell support and I'm told a new BIOS 13 just came out for the Alienware 18 so I installed that. 

Dell Technical Support Yesterday and my problem now: I wanted RAID 0 back (not so much anymore).  A Dell technician called back. I went into the BIOS and RAID was set.  Next, he had me go into the RAID firmware and setup the RAID set which I knew would blow away everything I had installed for the past two+ weeks but I had performed a system image on my 1.5TB external drive two days before.  What he didn't say was I would need to install my OS first (he told me this AFTER everything was blown away).  I had moved back from Virginia and had no idea where the OS flash drive was so had I known this beforehand, I would have stayed with no RAID 0.  So now I had to hope the image worked.  It didn't.  After loading for a few hours, it came up and said the 1.5TB or the internal 1TB drive might be bad.  I ran fsck /f on the drive from my Surface Pro - no issues.  So I went back into the RAID firmware and deleted the RAID 0 set I had created and directly connected the 1.5TB external drive into the laptop thinking that might be an issue.  Same problem.  Since the drive with the system image of the C drive is OK, I'm at a loss as to what could be tried next.  The laptop says it can't repair the OS. 

In advance, thank you and sorry for the length of this post.


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