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Alienware AW2518H



1. when I put Response Time on normal there is hardly any ghosting, on FAST obvious ghosting and on SUPERFAST immense ghosting. What would be a reason to put the monitor on FAST or SUPERFAST?

2. Is ULMB good for competitive gaming? or Should I not bother with that at all?

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Re: Alienware AW2518H

2nd question first. From Tom's..

In highly detailed games, ULMB may not be the best choice. You don’t want to reduce definition in small objects; they may just be a deadly opponent that you’ve identified too late.

Also they noticed ghosting as well and decided that for best gameplay normal was the best setting.,5283.html

And this forum post goes into a bit of detail regarding Fast and Superfast. In a nutshell, that varies the response time.

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