Alienware AW3418DW flashes a few times at windows login.

I have a 34" Alienware AW3418DW that I have had for about a  year, my issue as far as I have had it has been that when it displays the login screen the resolution is not right and it flashes a few times to correct this. Once I am in the desktop it flashes another few times to initialize G-Sync. Your first thought might be that this is the video card or driver, well I just replaced the video card with a brand new 2080Ti, I performed a full driver clean using DDU. I am in IT so I know my way around a little in Windows and this does not seem normal. I posted this today hoping that someone else might have the same issue and someone might tell me this is normal. Another small annoyance is the led lights on the rear sometimes do not come on and I have to tap the underside of the monitor for them to come on. I suppose that behavior would warrant a replacement on its own, but its such a hassle and I have no other displays. Thanks for your help and advice. 

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