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Alienware M18x caught fire

I Purchased my M18X around 6 yrs ago. It began overheating. I contacted support and was surprised to find out they had sold me a $2500 REFURBISHED machine. After arguing over this fact, I finally accepted it and moved on with the issue. The tech believed it was a power supply issue. My power supply was OEM. They shipped me another one though. Shortly after I began using it, my PC began to overheat again. Our inter-net company was here installing new equipment. The tech asked me to run a speed test. My laptop was turned off but plugged into an outlet, charging at the time. I reached over and pushed the power button, the tech and I were both shocked when fire blew out the back of my pc. I immediately contacted DELL about this. The only response I got was that my machine was old and refurbished and that it was not under warranty. It is completely dead now. No lights, nothing. So now I have this big boat anchor that I got very little time out of to begin with due to overheating. After scanning the forums, I am beginning to think the M18x has this problem. I’m taking the machine in for diagnostic testing. Maybe it can be rebuilt? It was a beautiful machine. Unfortunately, it was a lemon and there was no indication it was refurbished when I ordered it. 6 yrs is a long time. I know it’s completely outdated now. Im looking for another laptop and came across the Alienware brand again. I was looking through the forums to see if there were still dangerous issues with it.
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