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Alienware OC controls/dell support assist

So I have two questions. The first is, with my alienware command center on my R5, Everytime I start it, it tells me to update my OC controls. I tried to update and it said it could not install, that there was another version installed, and to go into control panel and remove it. So I did that, tried to re-install, and it said the same thing. So now I cant even get my OC controls back. This is on top of the fact that every 5 minutes im reminded that dell support assist has an update for me, (BIOS), which fails everytime it tries to update. This is crazy, this computer is less than 40 days old. I gave up on the dell support assist because I talked to two different agents who called it “interesting”(but did nothing to fix it). But now with this OC control issue, this is bothering me. I did all the usual stuff (restarted, ran in admin mode, cleaned the registry) and it still tells me there is another version of this Dell OC control on my computer everytime I try to install it. 

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Re: Alienware OC controls/dell support assist

Hi @DarthKahn,

Try uninstalling OC Control, with Revo uninstaller.

Then, in regards to the BIOS update, it is a Support Assist glitch. If you want this to disappear, you must uninstall Support Assist.

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Re: Alienware OC controls/dell support assist

hey did that revo thing fix it ?? I have the exact same problem


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