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Alienware17R5 - H84CHR2 Crucial SSD in 2nd slot not detected

Hi Everyone, I was just wondering about the capacity for the Harddrive that I could put in the laptop. I was thinking about a 2.5” seagate 3TB or 5TB HDD. Would it be able to detect these amounts ? I have added in an SSD into the second slot that is a crucial - it is not detecting in the disk management - idk what to do about that, i have taken it out twice and it still does not show up.

I was wondering because I havent found anything about having over 1TB in there.

This is the crucial SSD i purchased -  Crucial MX500 1TB M.2 (2280) SSD 3D TLC and I was trying to put it into the 2nd SSD slot.

Thank you !! 

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Re: Alienware17R5 - H84CHR2 Crucial SSD in 2nd slot not dete

The Crucial SSD you purchased is SATA and that slot is for an NVME/PCIe SSD. As far as the 2.5" drive is concerned, Dell certifies it for up to 1 TB.

Also read this forum post and the reply by jphughan.

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