Hello Everyone, I hope, here I can get some answers to the problems I´ve been having:

I will start at the beginning:

I received my brand new Alienware 17 r3  on Monday august 15, I ordered the 6820hk processor, GTX 980m UHD 4k display and the 256gb SS drive and with windows 10 pro. On the very first power up I got the Alienware logo and then the screen went black and stayed there so I had to do a hard reboot, on the next boot It got to a few of the very first config screens and the it crashed again, needing another hard boot, on the third try the same happened so I called technical support. I was told to perform a diagnostic and after a few minutes everything passed ok, so I was told it might be a faulty installation and I was sent a Dell USB with the installation, and an email with a link to download and create a USB for a clean installation.

After performing a clean install, the system finally allowed me to access windows and everything seemed to be working, I started installing the hardware drivers one by one from chipset to the integrated graphics etc.. and it all went fine till I installed the Nvidia Drivers for my GPU, then the system crashed again mid install, again I had to reboot. finally on the second try the driver finished installing but a few moments later it again crashed now a BSOD and an automatic reset, this ware all the drivers from Dell, so I started trying out different drivers from the latest ones on the manufactures page, thinking this might solve the problem, it did not, only changed from hard crashed to bsod to black screen after loading screens. I did two more windows clean installations just to be sure and updated the bios to a new version that was available on the dell drivers page thinking this might solve the problem, but at last It did not.

The next day August 16 I called technical support again, I explained all what I had done and this time technical assistance remotely accessed my computer to run some test only to send me to an authorized repair center to have it further analyzed,  I went there the next morning and to my surprise this was a very modest repair shop, and the attendees had never before seen an Alienware, I was reluctant to leave it there but,  it did have dell certification, so I reproduced the problem, just accessing anything related to the gpu makes the system crash, the attendee told me they would run some tests and I would get a diagnosis the very same day. I received no such call, so a I called back and they told me they had not identified the source of the problem, but replacing the motherboard or the hard drive should fix it, I told them I would call dell to ask for a replacement since the system was brand new, and that I didn't authorize them to change any part, this was Wensday August 17.

I called Dell once again and told them everything that had happened so far and in response a new ticket was opened, and they said I would get a response in the next 7 days, I told them this was unacceptable and demanded to talk to a supervisor, again I had to explain everything done so far, and they told me in the next 24 hours I would be contacted with instructions to proceed with the replacement. the 24 hours went by and the next day August 18 I picked up my system from the repair shop, they still had no clue and told me they would send a report informing Dell of the problem in my pc, I called Dell once again and had to go through the whole process again telling them everything that had transpired only to be told that the ticket was still open and that the next day I would be contacted.

Friday came and went and just before closing hour I called once again only to be told exacly the same as before, finally today I write this in hope that someone might help me I don't know who to call I still hope this can be driver related and somehow I can still fix it, or at least get confirmation that I can get a replacement, I´m truly disappointed by this ordeal, to pay almost $3,000.00 usd for a laptop only to have to spend hours re-installing  the OS, drivers, taking a brand new computer to a shady repair shop and calling an offsite call center for 5 days straight and get absolutely no reassurance or confirmation that anything is being done or at least some follow-up so I don't have to talk to a new rep and go over everything all over again, is really frustrating.

Thank you all in advance I hope someone here can point me in the right direction.

*forgive my poor English is a second language.