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Can i upgrade my screen refresh rate from 60hz to 120hz? (Alienware 17R4 UHD 1080 8GB Nvidia with g-sync)

I have a Alienware 17R4 with Nvidia 1080 8GB G-sync graphics, currently i am using my laptop on 60 Hz refresh rate which has quite low response time while gaming. 
I mostly play DOTA-2, PUBG and witcher 3.

Storage: 1TB SSD .  1TB HDD(7200rpm)

RAM: 16GB 2600mhz

Is there any way i can upgrade my refresh rate from 60 Hz to 120 Hz?
I am OK with if i have to lose my UHD screen for FHD or something like that .. all i need now is a 120 Hz refresh rate screen. 
Any anyone out there knows any possible way, Please help.
I would be really thankful. 

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