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Cannot change the lights on Alienware 17 R4

I'm using the new Alienware Command Center because I cannot go back to the command canter that came with my computer for Christmas of 2017 (Last Year). I don't like this new version because I have no way to change or turn off the lights on my actual laptop. I can change the lights on my AW768 Keyboard, but not the actual lights on the laptop. If I could, I would like to redownload and use this version of Alienware Command Center: Image result for alienware command center old versionI have no clue what version this is, all I know is that I want to downgrade my Alienware Command Center to this so it is possible to change the colors of the LED's on my actual laptop. Thanks



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Re: Cannot change the lights on Alienware 17 R4

Hi @Reckliss,

Uninstall and reinstall the Command Center following ALL the steps on this article. Then install this Command Center version. 

Let me know how it goes!

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