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Customer service **bleep**

I ordered and received an Alienware 17R5 but the power supply was damaged. Spent 30 minutes with chat support to order a new part (30 minutes to order a part is extremely poor customer service).  Only received a dispatch number an no tracking or expectation of when it would be received.

Went on facebook today and was told the part is not in stock and don't know when it will be. WHAT THE &#$%.  You ship a computer with an unusable power supply and not doing anything to take care of the customer, no ETA, no discount, warranty is being used when the computer can't be. 

Here's an idea, go into a refurb box, take out a power supply and overnight it to me. Simple, problem solved, then extend the warranty and offer a discount for the absolute **bleep** of customer service.

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Re: Customer service **bleep**

Hi @David.B3,

Sorry for the bad experience you have had so far. Send me a private message with the Service Tag so I can review your case.

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