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Re: Dell Alienware - Horrible Premium Warranty Customer Serv



It seems that Alienware is going down the hill, I also have some problems with my Laptop, but they are to overwelmed to repair tham that after 2 weeks (premiun support) they they told me to wait.



Then after several phone conversation (paid extra by me )




The same day later I've got another reply  :))




The logic:


1. Buy Alienware

2. Buy extra Premium Warranty

3. Use the Next day support covered by warranty


4. In repair the status is Repair not covered by Warranty.



5. Next time find another replacement.

6. Customer lost... I hope this goes well for dell, because the customers will not chose this kind f services.

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Re: Dell Alienware - Horrible Premium Warranty Customer Serv

I have had a similar experience to several others here. I bought an Alienware m17 back in early April, 2019 (so 8 months prior to making this post). In October, 2019 (6 months after purchase), it spontaneously failed to boot. I submitted a claim to Alienware on October 6. They were actually pretty quick about sending me a box to overnight my machine to their repair facility. They never told me what was wrong with my machine, but presumably it was the motherboard. Almost a month went by, and when they contacted me on November 1, I was told that the replacement part they needed was unavailable, and they asked if I'd accept a system exchange. I agreed, and they sent me a new machine. This machine booted, but when I upgraded the BIOS to the latest version, I would get a fan error on boot, and while I could get into Windows 10, the GPU fan would constantly blow at maximum speed. I submitted another claim, and Alienware went through hours of useless troubleshooting steps with me over the course of several days before sending a tech to replace the fan in my laptop.


That was on November 20, i.e. a month and a half into this. The replacement fan did not work, and so they ordered a new motherboard to be replaced by a tech. I asked them to do another warranty exchange, but I was told that refurbished units aren't eligible for a warranty exchange. So I had to keep waiting with no upper limit on how long this process might take. On December 4 I was told that because the motherboard was on backorder for so long, they would in fact do a warranty exchange, but that I had to wait for a "like-for-like" system to be found in their stock of refurbished machines. It is now December 11 and I am still waiting, but I was told today that since no refurbished machine is available they will send me a new machine. Mind you, this is two months and five days into the process and I do not possess a fully functioning machine. My warranty expires in April and I fully expect to not have a working machine on that date, so I'm not sure what will be the outcome here. A few thoughts:

 - I paid $2,200 for the Alienware m17 laptop, and instead got a lemon. Obviously I will never purchase a Dell product again.

 - I'm not sure how it's possible that Dell can't replace a component that they themselves manufacture.

 - I'm also not sure how Dell can have so much trouble locating a refurbished machine when they are still selling this laptop in stores.

- Keep in mind that several of us have waited months without working machines. This defeats the purpose of purchasing a brand new gaming laptop only to have it non-functional while newer machines become available.

- I'm certain that Dell uses such language in its warranties that it is legally protected. However I feel that I have been defrauded by them. Again, I would never engage in a new financial transaction with this company.

I'm sure this thread is populated with former Dell customers. Can anyone recommend a competitor which offers a similar product but with better warranty support?

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