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Do USB-C earbuds work with Alienware 13 ? Regular headphones not working with my Alienware 13 R3...

Headphones not working with my Alienware 13 R3 ? I have the cheapest model. I've tried everything but the headphone jack just doesnt work! The Alienware 13 comes with 2 thunderbolt (USB C) ports which is pretty cool, and one of the main reasons I got it because I do a lot of Data transfer.


So do USB C earbuds work with this computer? I dont wanna waste money on USB earbuds and have it not work out... I was thinking..

1. This one:


2. This one.


3. This one.

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Re: Do USB-C earbuds work with Alienware 13 ? Regular headphones not working with my Alienware 13 R3

Do you have the latest audio drivers installed?  If so, do you see the popup dialog appear when you connect your headphones to the jack asking you what type of device you connected, e.g. speakers, headphones, microphone, headset (headphones+mic), etc.?  If you don't specify what's plugged in, I don't think the jack will do anything.  But if you're ready to give up on the audio jack, then USB-C headphones/headsets would work just like USB-A ("regular USB) headphones/headsets, so yes any of them will work just fine.  USB audio devices appear as entirely separate devices within Device Manager and Control Panel > Sound, not just as an alternate output for your existing audio device.  The benefit is compatibility and not having to worry about things like the fact that there are two different incompatible pin setups for the headset jack connector that can cause certain headsets not to work with certain devices.  Note however that you will have to manage the headset as a completely separate audio output device, and recording device if you get one with a mic.  Therefore when you connect it, you'll want to go to Control Panel > Sound and set your headset as the default audio playback device (and if needed, recording device) so that all of your applications use it.  When you disconnect the headset, the system will revert to the built-in speakers, and when you connect it again, it will remember that the headset is supposed to be the default.  The fact that USB headsets are considered an independent device also gives you other options, for example keeping your speakers as the default playback device so your music plays through them, but having just Skype calls routed to your headset instead.

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