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Does warranty reset? Alienware 17r2 - battery


I have a 17r2 (2015) that has been a dog in all areas except one... battery. The first battery lasted 2 years at which point I bought a new one straight from Dell (I felt sure its most expensive but it should be a good original and get me another couple of years). 

Well... 8 months in the battery was charging only to 45% and showing 'battery is reaching end of life' in the diagnostic. So I contacted support and asked them for a replacement since this was not normal and batteries have a 12 month warranty. 

For the record, I am doing all the best practices, fully updated system, not using express charge, using desktop mode and calibrating the battery once a month(as shown from the fact that original battery lasted 2 years). 

Without much hassle I got a replacement...

It has been now 10 months... battery is charging to 39-45% and not more... diagnostic does NOT give me an error this this time but computer doesnt last for more than 30 minutes unplugged even when just browing or watching youtube (I wouldnt do gaming off cable anyway). 

I contacted support to let them know and I asked if I had been provided a refurbished battery cause this was unexplainable to me... someone online mentioned maybe a power cell had died making the battery fail so badly. 

Support told me that well... I should do all the usual steps (Update bios... I am already at A10), update drivers, recalibrate etc... I explained I did all this and they said 'well the purchase was more than a year ago so you are not covered'. So the question is this... if you get a replacement for an ITEM in warranty then doesnt that warranty reset to cover that new item? If I was given a faulty battery as a replacement for a faulty battery I have no recourse?

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Re: Does warranty reset? Alienware 17r2 - battery

Hi @PPerrakis,

No, unfortunately no. An exchange/replacement will have the remaining warranty of the original product.

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