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Got my Alienware 17 R4 serviced and got it back in an even worse condition

Here is my experience with this laptop and Dell/Alienware which made me very unsatisfied.

Ever since I decided to order this machine it has been nothing but problems.
When I decided to order this laptop there have been order errors which lead to an order cancellation and me getting my laptop a month and a half later than I was supposed to. Which hurt me alot because I am attending college and I am a programmer which makes having a PC an ESSENTIAL. But this is just the beginning.
Then ever since I got the laptop the temperatures have been INSANE. Playing any game with decent (not good, but DECENT) graphics would thermal throttle the CPU and GPU within 4 minutes of gameplay.
I was in a really bad position because I cannot get my laptop serviced because I really need it for college and the wouldn't come to service it, instead they invite me over to come over in an E-mail reply.
After ~3/4 months I decide to get it serviced because I can afford it now because no college tests and stuff.
The service I used was "Kodeks", a certified Dell servicer in Croatia which is where I live.
They tell me it will take 7 work days at most which was just the right amount of time I could afford to be without a PC. But it turned out to be 2 weeks. Which caused me to fail my programming homework because I had no PC to work on at all. I attend a private college and failing a class is VERY EXPENSIVE. VERY!!!
Then when I FINALLY got it back the temps went from over 100°C to about 94°C. Which is still pretty bad in my opinion. They replaced the motherboard and the cooler by the way. This is not even the worst part.
When I turn on the laptop I notice that a part of the keyboard wont light up. The TactX keys on the left side don't light up at all. It doesn't have anything to do with the software either. I tried restarting, clean installs of related software and restarting again. Tried all this a few times and nothing. So it must be damaged hardware or something. But wait... there's more.
Here is the Imgur link with most of the problems caused by the Dell certified service "Kodeks" photographed. Read the descriptions of the photos, they describe the problems.
This video shows the gap between two plastic parts that wasn't there before I got it serviced.
The service was done by Kodeks. A Dell servicer in Croatia. I do not want to give it back to them to fix all this because they are obviously incompetent.
It's a 3000€ laptop which is a FORTUNE for me.
This laptop has been nothing but problems for the 5 months I had it. Never worked properly because of it's temps and now additionaly ruined by the "servicer".
I never got to use this amazing machine to it's full potential. And I worked hard to be ableto get it. I was a huge fan of Alienware before I got to experience this firsthand.
This cost me alot of money, nerves and possibly even my education. Never got to actually fully utilize this powerful machine either which I was hoping to do. I usually do video editing, programming and gaming. None of which were possible this whole time. I have no other PC except this one.

I expect some kind of compensation from Dell/Alienware. This unit is messed up in many different ways that I do not even want a repair. Especially not by the same service. I request a new unit. Prefferably a newer one that was recently released that has the cooling problem solved so that I do not have to go through all of this again.

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Re: Got my Alienware 17 R4 serviced and got it back in an even worse condition

Wgy is this topic being ignored?
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Re: Got my Alienware 17 R4 serviced and got it back in an even worse condition

Hi bro, did u have i7 6700? Os a problem with the mainboard... Dont waiste time to change it. DELL change 5 times mine and this problems continuas.
The upgrade my laptop to I7 7700 and works perfectly now.
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