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Horrible Dell Service - Alienware 13R3

Dell Case Notification SR Number : 982151507. Location : Singapore.

My Alienware 13R3 could not start and I was told after calling Dell (7th of November 2018) and doing some simple diagnostics, that it might be a motherboard issue.Then I was told that I will have my onsite engineer on Friday (9th of November 2018) --> the conversations were all recorded; I am sure. 

I waited the whole day and nobody came nor is there a phone call / text to me to tell me if they are even coming at all. 

I called Dell again and was told they will only come on 12th of November instead and I have specifically told them that I cannot make it on 12th on my first phone call.

Now, the only time available is on 13th of November afternoon but now I was told that I cannot change to 13th November because the location I request is different from the first call. 

I do not know what to say of dell service. I needed this computer fixed before I fly off on 13th November night to do presentation (I need that laptop to do it) and Dell cannot do a simple task on repairing on a PROMISED date and then CANNOT commit on another date.

There is no where I can take to or feedback to. I have lost hours on productivity on waiting (for the engineer and cannot work due to the failed laptop)

I have no idea if anyone here will look into my issue but I really hope something is sorted soon.

FYI, this is the 3rd time I am calling Dell for my Alienware within a span of 1.5 years. Maybe I am just unlucky?



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