Intel xtu vs aw oc utility

I have been using alienware 15 from a month now i have i7 7820hk and gtx1080 max q.   I wanted to and undervolt my CPU but what happened was alien Ware o’clock utility is having some conflict with Intel extreme utility. On checking the entire system i could see that once we install alienware oc utility it uses and installs a scale down version of intel xtu and whenever i try to  undervolt the coltage off set becomes default no matter whatever profile i use. Also i see microstuttering in win 10 with no load.. i see intel gma630 but since its gsync panel it ignores the intel gma and no settings are accessible.. by default gtx 1080 is used. There is no optimus in this machine..this microstuttering is annoying and also the conflit on xtu with alienware oc. Any help or recommendations pls.


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