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M17x R2, Nvidia 660m, upgrade issues

After upgrading ATI Radeon HD 5800 on Alienware m17x r2 to Nvidia 660mx, the result is catastrophic.

Windows 10 doesn't recognize the video card as Nvidia at all but as a generic display adapter, that doesn't allow nvidia drivers to be installed.

I managed to apply a workaround (see the video), the thing is that the fan is not controled and the card burns at 91-94 C.

This results with constant throttle and there is no benefit from the upgrade at all.

So my qeustion is, how can we tell to windows 10 that the video is that and make it work ?

Should I use DDU (the tool that removes all drivers) prior installation ?

Should I use some tool to modify the hardware ID - what that might be ?

Any other solution ?

Thanks !

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Re: M17x R2, Nvidia 660m, upgrade issues

Welcome to the Dell Community  @bobiturboto 

This may help, if not you can post there for more support???

Please post back with any results you find.

Best regards and good luck,


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Re: M17x R2, Nvidia 660m, upgrade issues

This definitely doesn't help at all.

I am sorry but alienware is product that should support other parts manufactured by dell, such as upgradable videos. Telling to revert OEM parts is doesn't help at all. Well yes it works somewhat with them but this is not the point neither the point of raising this topic.

It is clear that this issue only appears in Windows 10 and 8.1 clearly design obsolescence and this is exactly why I am raising this topic.
All AW laptops are advertised as having replaceable and upgradable parts and this is one of the reasons I bought one as I am sure many other people did.

So lets try to work it out instead of pulling out pointless excuses.

Cheers !

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Re: M17x R2, Nvidia 660m, upgrade issues

I just wanted to keep up with this topic.

I managed to install NVIDIA drivers finaly and the problem is that now the gpu FAN is not controlled anymore.

It does work its just at lowest rpms, that doesn't help with cooling.

So what can I do to make the FAN work again ?
Is there a custom vBIOS or perhaps just BIOS that will make this video recognizable hence start up the fan ?

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