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M17x R3, NZXT cam driver power state failure

Not sure how to describe this other than I downloaded NZXT cam to monitor things. After a install I powered down started back up normal a few times then I took the fans out of my AW m17xr3. Once I cleaned the fans & inside, I turned it back on to keep getting a power state failure blue screen. It takes several times of a blue screen & then it either freezes & 0% and I have to shut down or it restarts several times attempting to "fix the errors" & somehow finally boots to desktop.

I uninstalled Cam immediately but while un installing it showed moving files which is a bit concerning. I have contacted them over this & am awaiting a response.

After researching, I found that in other devices it shows 2 yellow exclamation points but cant find drivers. It shows code 28 on both. First Unknown driver is Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System- 2nd is PCI Express Root Complex.

I also kept checking for updates as the last time this blue screen constant happened, it was an antimalware that seemed to have issues installing. Even though it seemed to install yesterday & I saw the same updates try over & over as they did the 1st time I had this issue awhile back they started showing up again. Definition Update for Windows Defender Antivirus - KB2267602 (Definition 1.287.751.0)

Current state of PC- It will occasional boot to desktop after several attempts, sometimes a forced shutdown is needed to resume/stop the issue from it booting fully. Once It gets to the desktop my memory used is 50+% and my disk stays running at almost 100% for a good while but shows nothing using it in task manager. After using check updates each time I got into desktop, it keeps showing the same updates(antimalware Win defender). It did however update some net.5 & other things that have changed my start up menu & keep showing Microsoft edge completely different, like its a new install of sorts.

I tried to find my old restore & boot back to when it was working but it seems like its gone now. I remember checking anytime I had a slight issue or was going to install anything new, to ensure just in case I needed to reset things. Its my way of making sure I have some peace of mind. This particular restore was taken right after the last time I had this power state failure issue. It kept happening, then 1 day updated fine & stayed that way. After a few boots that went proper, I saved a restore point & Im almost positive I also saved it to my portable 2t hard drive.

Honestly any help on this subject would be massively appreciated. Im not sure if I should try a restore, fresh install of windows or keep trying to update until it solves itself. Any suggestions on what steps I should take next & info on what happened would be amazing.

Thanks In advance to any who can shed some light on this nightmare issue.

PS. My battery was fine until all this but now its slowly dropped to 0% and will no longer charge. Also Moderator Emi- something. Ive seen you comment on almost every thread dealing with these issues that I recently searched, your 2 cents would be greatly appreciated here.

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