M18x R2 HDD to SSD

hi im not computer wise, and i rarely use this computer now because the thing takes forever to load anything and im assuming its the hard drive.. looking to switch and need advice as ive never done this before..

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This is my build list, running windows 10..
now days basically watch movies/tv and a few games but nothing major..
looking for advice on What SSD will work and whats the best way to copy current hdd OS to the new SSD for a its an expensive computer dont wanna fudge it up..

Also any tips on sound issues..speakers wont have sound but headphone jack works.. all drivers up to date.

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Re: M18x R2 HDD to SSD

Duplicate of this thread, which already contains a reply, so I'd recommend that anyone who wishes to reply on this topic do so in the linked thread instead.

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