M18x R2 HDD to SSD

hi im not computer wiz, and i rarely use this computer now because the thing takes forever to load anything and im assuming its the hard drive.. looking to switch and need advice as i've never done this before..

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This is my build list, running windows 10..
now days basically watch movies/tv and a few games but nothing major..
looking for advice on What SSD will work and whats the best way to copy current hdd OS to the new SSD for a its an expensive computer dont wanna fudge it up..

Also any tips on sound issues..speakers wont have sound but headphone jack works.. all drivers up to date.

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Re: M18x R2 HDD to SSD

Fyi, image uploads are unfortunately only visible to the person who uploaded them and to Dell reps.  That shouldn't be too large a problem here except that I won't what specific drives you already have in your system, but you may want to check that visually yourself before you buy anything.  The manual available on has clear instructions on that front.

Very quickly for the sound issue, assuming you mean the built-in speakers don't work even though the headphone jack works, that could be a loose speaker connection to the motherboard, or a strained/frayed wire between the motherboard connector and the speaker(s), or possibly something stuck in the headphone jack that's causing the system to detect something there and therefore disable the built-in speakers.

In terms of SSD upgrade options, looking over the manual it looks like you have quite a few options, because you have both an mSATA SSD card slot and a hard drive cage that can support up to three 2.5" hard drives, depending on the thickness.  So you could very likely just add an SSD and keep your existing hard drive as a "bulk data" device for things that you don't need to load fast.  This might be especially handy if you have a large photo/music/video collection, because SSDs are much more expensive per GB than traditional drives, which makes traditional drives ideal for storing large amounts of data where performance isn't a priority.

For a specific product recommendation, I would say your best option is the Samsung 860 Evo.  It's available in a variety of capacities and also in both mSATA and 2.5" form factors, and I believe it's the best SATA-based SSD that was made before everything switched to the newer and much faster NVMe standard, which your system doesn't support.  Assuming your mSATA slot is currently open (verify this!) I personally would go with the mSATA version if you can find the capacity you want in that form factor, simply because it will be easier to install and it will maximize your future options for any traditional hard drives you may want to install later.  The 2.5" drive bays can be used for either SSDs or traditional drives, but the mSATA slot can only be used with SSDs.  You may also need an M2x3 screw that will secure the top edge of the mSATA SSD down to the system board, but the SSD may come with that, or you may find there's already one there in your system where the mSATA SSD would go.

In terms of migrating everything over, Macrium Reflect Free is a popular cloning tool for this purpose because it's capable and still pretty easy to use, and Macrium also provides excellent documentation online if you need it.


Re: M18x R2 HDD to SSD

thank you for this info!

my msata are empty, and for my laptop was built with 

-3rd gen intel core i7-3630QM processor(6mb cache.,up to 3.5ghz w/turbo boost 2.0)(dell number 319-142)
-24gb dual channel DDR3 at 1600mhz (317-9707)
-dual 2gb GDDR5 AMD radeon HD 7970M - cross fire x(320-9493)
-1tb 5,400 SATA 3BG/s (342-4398)
-creative sound blaster recon3di with THX trustuido pro software (318-0770)


As for the speakers yes, the built in ones.i will definitely look into this!

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