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Performance loss after PC being on for a few hours and USB slots problem.

Hello, I’ve recently bought an Alienware R4 notebook with a GTX 1070 and 120hz QHD screen. Im absolutely happy with the performance but I have an issue. When I turn on my computer, everything is fine. Usually the first hour of my gameplay is smooth and lagless. After a while, I start to notice input lag and permanent fps drops. For exemple, my first game in Overwatch is usually around 250 fps if I just have turned on the PC. Every single match the fps gets reduced. I assume I have an avarage of 50 fps loss every hour. After a point when the game becomes unplayable for me (80-90 fps in overwatch low settings) I restart my PC and the cycle starts again. I play my first game after the restart smoothly, over time it gets worse. I play a lot of modern FPS games such as Black Ops 2-3, Battlefield series, CS:GO and mostly Overwatch. Therefore input lag is usually a problem for me while playing these games, not just fps. Please don’t tell me “Your FPS is limited with your display refresh rate” because yes I know, but there is a huge input delay difference between playing 250+ fps and 120 fps. Even though it didn’t matter, I would like to know why my computer is capable of playing a game above 200 fps but doesn’t.

Also there is one more problem. When I move the USB connection of the mouse, it affects the responsiveness of the mouse. For exemple in overwatch, there is a sweetspot of the usb, if I move it even one bit, I get minimal but noticable input lag ( mouse lag ) in the mouse movements. It's not caused by the mice that I've used. More info below.
Here is a list of things that I've done and could help you find a solution:

1- There is no overheating. I’ve monitored the gpu and cpu temps within 4 hours or so, the max temp the gpu gets is 65 and the cpu is 55-60 depending on the game. The temps are exactly the same as my first game and 3 hours later.

2- There are no other programs running except steam, origin, battle.net and discord. It does not change the process even if I open any other program such as spotify etc

3- graphics driver settings are ALL high performance chosen. 

4- My graphics driver is up to date.

5- Game DVR and shadowplay etc are ALL off

6- Windows power plan is set to high performance

7- I’m not sure if all the services in msconfig except Microsoft ones are disabled, will try to disable them all and give more info tomorrow. But I assure you most of them are disabled.

8- There is no delayed launcher or any update agent that starts working after a while.

9- Power cable and adapter is completely fine.

10- Bios and all drivers are up to date.

11- I’ve done hardware checks of CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD, HDD they are all clean.

12- I’ve tried “clean boot” but it only makes the process slower. The performance loss is still there.

13- I've tried with 4 different mice including 3 gaming mouses by zowie, ss and logitech and 3 different surfaces including ss cloth mouse pad, hard mouse pad and a regular table surface, there is the same issue.

Any suggestion is appreciated, thank you for your time. I don't want to send the PC to service unless there is absolutely no way I can fix it myself since I need my PC daily and cannot give it away for a week or so.

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Re: Performance loss after PC being on for a few hours and USB slots problem.

Bump, need help
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