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Random Micro freezing / microstuttering Alienware R3 15... sigh

Hello Dell Community.

For months and months, i tried to resolve this microstuttering (micro pauses) in games like CS GO, the rise of tomb raider, etc but still i keep with this issue.

I bought the machine 1 month ago and i dont know how resolver. Trust me, i read a lot of forums, trying to follow guides, advices and "fix" posts, but no way.

My temps are ok (85 º or less), I have CPU Performance mode ON, last intel and nvidia drivers. I replace my HDD for Corsair MP500 SSD PCIe nvme and upgrade my memory 8GB RAM for 16GB Dual channel. I think I did everything that could be within my reach.

Mi specs are:

i7 7700HQ

GTX 1070

16 GB 2400 DDR4 Dual channel.

Any good advice other than all those who haunt the web today? My laptop is still in guarantee.

Thx all


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Re: Random Micro freezing / microstuttering Alienware R3 15... sigh


We are sorry to hear about your problem. 

First, let's do a ePSA/diagnostic test on you system, click here to see a video with the steps to do this test. Let us know if it shows any errors after run in it. 

Then, let's reinstall the latest Nvidia and Intel drivers, just to make sure that your system is up to date:

  • Click here for the latest Intel driver
  • Click here for the latest Nvidia driver

Let's uninstall the Nvidia first and then Intel driver that you already have. And then install the Intel driver first and then the Nvidia one.

After doing this, test your games to confirm if your having the same issues.

Do you have other games installed that do not have the micro freezing problem? 

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Re: Random Micro freezing / microstuttering Alienware R3 15... sigh

Thx for response , My notebok is already in the repair center due to video card failures and overheating ...

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