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Storage space

My son has recently had a laptop for gaming. He has already used his storage within 2 months!! He has a steam account installed also alongside various games. How can we add storage space? Shall we buy and external hard drive to transfer steam onto? Help
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Re: Storage space

Go here, insert the service tag number, open System Configuration to list all of the hardware installed.

Check if your system has dual internal hard drives. Some laptops ship with a relatively small but fast SSD intended for Windows and some applications, and ALSO have a large but slower spinning hard drive meant for large applications and media collections, for example. Windows always defaults to installing and storing data on the C drive though, so you won’t use the other drive unless you deliberately select to install applications there or store data there.

If you only have a single drive, then you could either replace it with a larger drive, possibly install a second drive internally (depending on the laptop model, which you didn’t specify), or yes add a USB 3.0 drive.

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