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The worst experience of out of warranty solution

One month ago, I sent my Alienware 17 R4 to repair center in TX because of a motherboard issue. In the morning, the tech support told me that they have to send back my laptop because they could not procure some parts for repairing. I am so confused that the repair center couldn't procure these parts, they think I can procure these parts? I tried to touch customer service to know more details, they transferred my phone call four times, finally, they told me that they will call back. I tried to touch repair center, I called two numbers, neither one is available. ?????????????????????? What a ****** customer service! They charge me 129+tax, so this just is dell's tech support service? They email that send back my laptop is only option. No other options and advice. Who can tell me what I can do in the next? Dell repair center cannot repair Alienware, so I need to seek help from Lenovo? Apple? HP? My worst choice in my life just is choosing dell and Alienware
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Re: The worst experience of out of warranty solution


We are sorry to hear about your experience. Send me your Service Tag in a private message, so we can review your case and get back to you. 

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Re: The worst experience of out of warranty solution

I understand your frustrations 100%. I have had 4 Alienware products now. As time has gone on... my regret grows bigger and bigger. To the point where my 17R3 is garbage and no longer buy alienware/dell products. I have shifted over to different companies. 

Wishing you luck with the maze that is Alienware support. 

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